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Clinical massage therapy

Clinical massage therapy applies a variety of massage therapy techniques to solve your soft tissue health issues. Clinical massage therapy will help you with your pain, strained muscles, and restricted movements.

Athletes involved in sports that require bursts of speed (like football, basketball, or soccer) are at the greatest risk for soft tissue muscle strains. The pain caused by these strains and muscle injuries can lead to chronic muscle tightness and eventual muscle imbalance — decreasing your overall athletic performance.

And while chiropractic addresses the joints of the vertebrae in your spine, clinical massage therapy focuses on your soft tissues:

  • Fascia (bands of connective tissue that hold your body together)
  • Tendons (connects your muscles to your bones)
  • Ligaments (connects your bones together)

Clinical massage therapy and chiropractic go hand in hand, because if your muscles are too tight, adjustments won’t last or work. As the saying goes, “Bones go where muscles put them. Bones stay where muscles keep them.”

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